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Tough Times Ranch Team Building and Corporate Events offers unique, western themed experiences that can be customized to meet the needs of organizations.  Each event option has been carefully created to maximize the benefits for your team.  We quite literally bring the wisdom of organizational development to the dirt of the arena.   

From learning to rope cattle to sorting goats to getting up close and personal with horses, check out what we offer and we can connect to start planning the best experience your team has ever had! - and we provide the T-shirts that say you did it! Best of all? We are mobile and partner with venues across the province of Ontario.

Where  is Tough Times Ranch?

Tough Times Ranch isn’t actually a place, at least it isn’t yet.  Rather it is the embodiment of all of our hopes and dreams for the future and a testament to what you can achieve when you persevere and overcome adversity.

We sure have overcome adversity,

And we know a thing or two about tough times.

We are Petra Babic and Cathy Watts.  Petra has a background in business and is a Peer Support Facilitator for Military spouses and Cathy is a Registered Nurse in Critical Care, currently the Clinical Leader for the Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

We both have lived experience of Domestic Violence and in 2019 we founded Peer2Peer Consultants Inc so that we could use our experiences to help others. 

Both of us grew up on farms and developed a love for working with animals.  These experiences have grounded us and we continue to work with animals to this day.  Horses have helped us to heal, cows have taught us a lot about communication and goats, well they just make us laugh!

We have brought everything together here with Tough Times Ranch.

What do we love the most about Tough Times Ranch?

Our corporate sponsors partner with us to send women and children who have experienced Domestic Violence to Equine Facilitated Learning sessions so that they too can heal and move forward.


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