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Cattle Sorting

We have put a new twist on this classic western sport!

Traditionally done on horseback, teams of two race against the clock to sort cattle by number from one pen to another (hands down our most popular event for the 2022 winter series). 

Since we believe in collaboration not competition for our team building events, we have teams work together to do the same – but on foot – with a few different challenges thrown in!


Lariats have long been a tool of cowboys to rope horses, cattle, and other livestock on a cowboy ranch.   


We will “show you the ropes” and teach you some time-proven techniques in roping.

Feel the rope against your palm as you swing the rope and snag your first calf.

You’ll want to do it over and over again.

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Goat Penning

Our goats are hilarious and smart.  They also never want to go where you want them to go. 

Goat penning challenges communication and collaboration skills like nothing else!  Work together as a team to move the goats through a series of pens, choosing tools to help you to do so.

Working With Horses

Horses understand us and can teach us about ourselves; they are experts at reading body language and picking up on non-verbal cues and much can be learned from these sessions for teams as well as for individuals.

Our team building and corporate event experiences involving horses teach the importance of authenticity, communication, clear boundaries and self - awareness.  These events are on the ground, not on horseback and are led by certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators.

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